Motion-Sensing Power Control

SimPal-T100 Wireless Motion-Sensing Power Control included one power socket and one PIR detector. When PIR detect human motion, auto turn on power for some minutes. The duration can be easy change by press button on power socket.
Digital wireless code protocol, working up to 50 meters distance. The socket also can working with other optional wireless accessories, such as door sensor, remote control, wireless siren etc.
Good choice for home auto power control and home intruder alarm.



Main Features:                                                

  • Wireless Motion-Sensing Power Control

When wireless PIR detector detect human motion, automatically turn on the socket power, It will auto turn off power when reach timer duration.

  • Wide range timer duration

Can be set timer 1, 5 10, 30, 60 minutes.

  •  Big power loading

Max support 16A 3600W, can be use to control light, electricity heater, electrical tools etc.

  • Multi-sensors control

One socket can be working with 10pcs wireless sensor, any sensor can be trigger to turn on power. Remote control, door sensor, smoke detector and wireless sensor etc. accessories can be working with power socket.

Technical Specification:                                       

SimPal-T100 Wireless Motion-Sensing Power Control

Power socket size

12×6×4cm (no included plug)

Max power loading

16A 3500W

Wireless frequency

433.92 FSK

Working distance

30-40 meters (Open enviroment)

Timer interval

1,5,10,30,60 minutes

Remote control

max support 5PCS

Wireless sensor

max support 10PCS

Audio jack

12V DC output (Max 300mA)

Socket type


Packing details:

SimPal-T100 power socket: 1 PCS
WIR-053-F PIR detector: 1 PCS