GSM Power Socket

SimPal GSM power socket is one of simple remote power control system, Work with GSM SIM card, remotely turn on/off the power output by sending SMS or calling from your mobile phone. Temperature sensor included on each socket, it can work for temperature alarm and thermostat control.

Master unit can be connect up to 4pcs slave socket, only one SIM card to control max 5 different sockets; work with max 6pcs wireless sensor for alarm function. Wireless PIR motion detector, wireless door magnetic, wireless water leak detector availabe for Master unit.
Good choice for remote power control and temperature monitor. Widely use to control home heating device, router reboot, electricity application control etc. 

Compare socket models: 


Model SimPal-T4 GSM Socket SimPal-T40 GSM Socket SimPal-T20 Slave socket
Wireless frequency GSM only GSM + 433Mhz 433Mhz only
Work with SIM card Yes Yes No, work as slave socket
Temperature sensor Yes Yes Yes
Power faulure alarm Yes Yes No
Work with slave socket No Yes, max connect 4pcs slave -- --
Work with wireless sensor No Yes, max connect 6pcs sensor No
Max power loading 16A 3500W 16A 3500W
16A 3500W

Main Features: 

Turn on/off power from your mobile phone
The socket system work with GSM SIM card, no WIFI or internet request, simple sending SMS in your mobile phone to turn on/off socket power anywhere. IOS and Android APP help to configure the socket in your Smartphone.
SMS alert of power failure
SMS alert to your mobile phone whenever 220V power status change.
Work as thermostat
Connected with electric heater, it can make it work as thermostat. When temperature high, auto turn off power, when temperature drop down, auto turn on power. Easy to set temperature range by SMS command.
Temperature monitor
Temperature sensor attached on each socket, SMS alert to your mobile phone once the temperature out of setting range.

Work with slave socket and alarm sensor
Master unit can be working with max 4pcs slave socket and 6pcs wireless alarm sensor.  (Only SimPal-T40 support)

Worldwide socket types 
Germany, France, Australia, American and British socket plug available.

Product size125×60×80mm
GSM frequency                  850/900/1800/1900Mhz
Power intputAC110~230V
Max power loading16A or 3600W
Temperature range-10°C ~ +50°C 
IndicatorNetwork and Power LED in blue color
Socket types                       Germany, France, Australia, American, British


Temperature extend cable:

Cable length300cm